This is Samuel Gaube, coach TPI certified, who is in charge of this module.

Why a golf-specific physical preparation is indispensable?

The specific physical preparation for golf is one of the different aspects acting on improving your swing and your performance. Golf is a sport and currently, the world’s best golfers incorporate a specific physical preparation throughout the year, with several workouts each week. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of golfers, this is not the case and it is a big mistake.

A good workout will be adapted individually, after identifying by passing specific tests, your physical limitations that affect your swing and potentially lead to injury. It will take into consideration a potential health problem, a lack of mobility and/or joint stability, and areas of muscle contractions and/or weaknesses.

Physical training will unlock the potential of your body by improving the following parameters : mobility, stability, balance, flexibility, coordination, endurance and your power. The benefits of this work will allow you to have a more regular and effective swing, to fight against gestural fatigue, to recover faster and prevent injuries.

In conclusion: it is necessary to follow a specific training and adapted to allow you to play better, longer and to take more pleasure !