Through our golf experience of more than 25 years of teaching, coaching on amateur and professional players, tournaments won on various amateur and professional circuits (winners on the Alps Tour, access to the Challenge Tour and winner on the Ladies European Tour), on meetings with exceptional coaches such as Chuck Coock, Lynn Mariott, David Leadbetter, Gery Wattine , Thierry Abbas, Rick Smith, Jim Mc Lean, Pia Nilsson and our teams at the USPGA, PGA of Europe and PGA France,… all this has allowed us to develop a playful pedagogy while developing the skills in order to set up the most effective “swing” possible for our students.

The strength of our pedagogy remains the simplicity associated with our skills. The Exchange and sharing of information between the three teachers in order to unlock all the problems of our pupils.

Above all, golf is still a “game”, our pedagogy relies on a playful system. We are working on the causes and not on the consequences. The mechanical laws and the work on the fundamentals remain our basis in order to facilitate the movement in Dynamics. We adapt to all the morphotypes, strengths and abilities of each in order to build your swing.

Our structure has the chance to manage all the factors of performance and to be able to answer the different questions of our students. Technique, strategy, tactics, mental preparation, physics and custom equipment are skills that we bring to all our students between the ages of 5 and 77…