The return of the Golf School

September 14-28, 2019

Come and try golf

If you want, come with a friend.

Competition of the month of June

The last annual competition of the golf school is approaching, it is of course the Kermesse! This competition to conclude this season will take place on Saturday 15 June at 10am.

This year, 3 partners: • th
e great Récré de TOUQUES • t
he little merchant of prose of TROUVILLE-SUR-MER •
McDonald's of TOUQUES

To discover them better, just watch this video!

Event of the month of June

Golf Academy in Deauville launches the golf month at Deauville Saint-Gatien golf!

The formula is simple, young people under the age of 18 can come accompanied by a parent (mother, father, grandmother, uncle, etc.) for a free initiation for an hour. Schools, colleges and secondary school in the vicinity are warned…

So to your calendars, reserve your niche, we expect you many! 

Video of the month of may

Competition of the month of may

Saturday, may 18, 2019 will take place the second edition of the Golf Academy in Deauville pros Cup. The competition will take place in simple Stableford at the golf of Deauville Saint-Gatien.
This is a meeting that promises, as usual, warm, full of sharing and challenges!

Video of the month of April

In this month of April, the Golf Academy in Deauville organizes as usual the Easter Cup. It is an annual competition that takes place at the Golf de Deauville Saint-Gatien, where the Academy evolves. For this Saturday, April 6:9 teams of 4 golfers, 9 holes in scramble, but only 1 winner! It was finally Norman's team, accompanied by Mary, Benjamin and Michel, who won.

Photo of the month of March

At the beginning of spring, like every Wednesday, the most experienced young people took the time to train. In many competitions, this group represents not only the Golf Academy in Deauville but also the elite group of the Academy. They will return to train next Saturday as their habits!

Photo of the month of February

These are the first rays of the Sun this February, what a pleasure. Here is a pupil of the Golf Academy in Deauville golf school on the white course, one of the 4 golf courses of Deauville Saint-Gatien. This student is also a member of the elite youth group of the Academy. On this beautiful winter morning, the young elite group were training for the competition on Sunday, March 3, 2019.